ALSA Speak Up 2023

Friday, 22 September 2023
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Greetings ALSAians!

The Registration of ALSA Speak Up is extended until September 30th, 2023!

ALSA Speak Up 2023 is a work program under the auspices of the English Development Division to realize one of ALSA’s main pillars, namely Internationally Minded. The basis for implementing this activity is to improve the ability to speak English as an international language and hone the ability of the participants later to express critical ideas regarding current issues, not only national scale issues but also international scale issues. ALSA Speak Up 2023 comes in the form of a competition to deliver your revolutionary thoughts through speech, storytelling, essay writing, and debate.

So what are you waiting for? Fill out the registration form to empower your voices and ignite the advocacy for social transformation! Don’t let this opportunity slip by! Please pay attention to the guidebook and make sure to register yourself through :


For further information, please contact :

• Devina Maharani
ID LINE : maharani23
WhatsApp : 089692075660

• Anggieta Vedanti
ID LINE : gietaveda
WhatsApp : 085769359218


Together As One : One Team, One Dream, One Family ALSA, Always Be One!

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