Greetings to all SUPREMA enthusiasts!

The 8th SUPREMA 2023 officially opens the registration for all doctors, midwife, nurse, medical students, and all health workers around the world

SUPREMA 2023 will be held as symposium and workshop, consists of :

– SYMPOSIUM 1 (Initial Topics of Cardiometabolic Disease)
– SYMPOSIUM 2 (Cerebrovascular and Cardiology Emergency)
– SYMPOSIUM 3 (Endocrine-metabolic Emergency in Internal Medicine and Pediatric)
Date : Saturday, September 23th, 2023

– WORKSHOP A (ECG Make it Easy : Understanding and Interpreting the ECG in Cardiometabolic Emergency Cases & Updates Clinical Treatment of Alteration in Fluid Electrolytes and Acid Base Disturbance on Emergency Case)
– WORKSHOP B (Fast USG / Ultrasound for General Practitioner & Comprehensive and Practical Approach of Airways Stabilization in Emergency Cases)
Date : Sunday, September 24th, 2023

We also hold a Scientific Competition consist of:
– Scientific Poster Presentation
– Oral Presentation

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