We are back!

The annual event of Competition and Charity of English Department (CCED) 2023 proudly presented by Students Association of English Department of Udayana is back under the theme:
“Acquainting the Road Map of Indonesian Culture in Preserving Cultural Heritage”

This competition is held for every Junior High, Senior High, and University in Bali.

Fields of Competitions include:
– Essay Writing Competition for University Students.
– Speech Competition for Senior & Vocational High School Students.
– Storytelling Competition for Junior High School and Senior & Vocational High School Students.

The registration will be open from March, 29th to April, 12th 2023.

We also open a donation for our Charity Program and it is open to the public. This year, the donation will be donated to SD Negeri 4 Kaba Kaba, Tabanan, Bali in order to support their learning process by providing school supplies.

The donation can be donated every Wednesday to Friday at the HMPSSI Office, Poerbatjaraka Building, Faculty of Humanities, Udayana University from March, 29th to April, 19th 2023.

These are the available packages that can be donated:
– Tradition Package : 3 Notebooks, 3 Pencils, and 1 Fiction Book
– Ethnics Package: 3 Notebooks, 3 Pens, and 1 Board Marker/Board Eraser
– Heritage Package: 2 Notebooks, 2 Erasers, 1 English Story Book

The donor will get a certificate that can be converted to get SKP points.

“From A Tiny Spark May Burst A Mighty Flame.” A famous quote by Dante taught us that every small step toward helping others will have a huge impact for the people who need it.

We’ll wait for your contribution on CCED 2023

For further information, hit us up on:
IG: ccedudayana
Rama : 081353390676/ramaptr03
Assha : 085934591762/sha.axy

English Department Udayana,
One Team, One Goal, Viva Literatura!