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Monday, 27 March 2023
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CALLING ALL Kamkesyana ’21 and ’22

Let’s join us to be the part of UIMSS 2023 Committee!

Formerly introduced as IMSEP 2023 (Indonesian Medical Student Exchange Programme), now we present UIMSS 2023 (Udayana International Medical Summer School)

UIMSS is a medical student exchange program that includes:
– Welcoming Party
International Guest Lecture
Social Project or Community Service
– Hospital Visit
– Campus Tour
– Cultural Night
– City Tour
– Farewell Party

We will welcome medical students from many different countries, ethnicity, and race in this exciting event which will be held on August 2023

This opportunity won’t go twice and this is your chance to organize this event, with the available divisons:
– Event Organizer
– Liaison Officer
– Public Relation
– Logistic
– Secretarial
– Educational and Scientific
– Sponsorship and Fundraising
– Production and Documentation
– Transportation and Accomodation
– Ticketing
– Spirituality and Catering

27th of March – 31st of March 2023 

Here are the main benefits you will get as a committee in this event: 
– A lifetime experience meeting new friends from different countries, universities, and backgrounds.
– The most SKP offered by this faculty.
– Relations with international and national students.

We’ll be waiting for your contribution!

Best Regards,
Udayana International Medical Summer School

Check @externalaffairsfkunud for more information!

Cordatus, Probus, Fidus!
Viva Hippocrates!

Contact Person:
Evrilla Deidree (evrilladeidree010504/08111101038)
Anastasia Marvina
(anastasia.marvina3 / 081360778025)



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