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Wednesday, 15 March 2023
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CALLING ALL Kamkesyana ’21 and ’22!
Let’s join us to be the part of IMSEP 2023 Committee!
IMSEP 2023 (Indonesian Medical Student Exchange Programme) is a medical student exchange program that includes:
– Welcoming Party
– Lectures
– International Guest Lecture
– Social Project or Community Service
Hospital Visit
Campus Tour
– Cultural Night
– City Tour
– Farewell Party
The future participants that’ll be joining us comes from many different countries, ethnicity and race. In conclusion, not only Indonesian medical student can join but also international medical student. This event will be held by August 2023.

Registration Period: 14-17 March 2023

Registration Link: 

Let’s make new experience in this event!! This opportunity won’t go twice and this is your chance to organize this event, with available divison of :
– Event Organizer
– Liaison Officer
– Public Relation
– Logistic
– Secretarial
– Educational and Scientific
– Sponsorship and Fundraising
– Transportation and Accomodation
– Ticketing
– Spirituality and Catering
Here are the main benefits you will get as a comittee in this event:
– A lifetime experience meeting new friends from different countries, universities, and backgrounds.
– The most SKP offered by this faculty.
– Relations with international and national students.
Best Regards,
Indonesian Medical Student Exchange Programme
For more information about IMSEP’s Concept, you could see at :
IG : @externalaffairsfkunud 
(Check 2019’s Post)

Contact Person:
Ambari Pramudia (anemarca/081238570977)
Anastasia Marvina
(anastasia.marvina3 / 081360778025)


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