Bali International Short School 2021

Written by Pubit BEM FK Unud

Putu Risya Sadhu Putra | Stephanie Violina Theobald | Vidya Aditi Sudana | Gabriel Raja Putra Utama | Tyas Parahita Wirawan | Putu Ayu Khana Drupadi

September 4, 2020


Experience a new way of learning and meet like-minded international students by joining BISS 2021! The perfect place to prove your passion, demonstrate your social ability and dive deep into the balinese culture!

Bali international short school is a short school program assembled by the medical faculty of Udayana university to design a exclusive way of learning integrated with balinese cultural experience. The event has successfully invited hundreds of students to acquire new skills, get in touch with people and environment as well as taking joy in every single series of events.

BISS is welcoming university student from all around the world who is currently studying an undergraduate and graduarte degree that have an interest of learning travel security. Thus, open doors to grow your network and friendship!

Do not miss the chance to be part of the most anticipated short course and let yourself grow together with us!

Further information regarding registration is available through BISS 2021 official account or you can contact our committee for personal questions :
– Wulan Ardhaputri : +6282147105501
– Putri : +6282213559706

Contacts and visit us :
– Website :
– Email :
– Instagram : biss_2021
– OA Line : @svz7478g
– Whatsapp : Wulan Ardhaputri (+6282147105501)

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