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September 26, 2019




Hello, fellas!

Good news for all freshmen who want to be part of IMO 2019. Now is your chance!

Transportation and Acommodation committee of IMO Udayana 2019 is inviting students of batch 2019 to join us and work together in Indonesian International Medical Olympiad (IMO) Udayana 2019.


Registration will be opened from 26-29 September 2019. If you’re interested, please kindly fill in the google form link below. Any other information is in the google form.


What are you waiting for? Are you ready to be a part of the biggest medical event in Indonesia?


CP :

Kevano (line: kevanohasan, WA : 081519581007)


For further information, contact us through our social media below


Line@ : @vny7067e

Instagram : imoudayana2019

Facebook : IMO 2019 Universitas Udayana

Twitter : @imoudayana2019

Gmail :


Stay tuned for further IMO 2019 updates





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